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The best way to reach me is to send an email. I have two main professional addresses.

✉️ trystan.goetze@dal.ca for inquiries about:

  • Research

  • Teaching

  • Public outreach activities

  • Invitations to review papers

  • Media interviews

  • Requests to speak at events

📧 contact@trystangoetze.ca for any other professional inquiries.

The second best way to reach me is to send me a letter:

📮 Dr. Trystan S. Goetze

Department of Philosophy, Dalhousie University

Marion McCain Building, Room 3180

6135 University Avenue

PO Box 15000

Halifax, Nova Scotia B3H 4R2


You can follow me on the following social platforms (NB: I do not actively monitor any of these for messages, replies, likes, etc.):

​🐦 Twitter @errantcanadian

🦉 PhilPeople

📃 ResearchGate

💼 LinkedIn

📝 Academia.edu

📸 Instagram

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