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The best way to reach me is to send an email. I have two main professional addresses.

✉️ for inquiries about:

  • Research

  • Teaching

  • Public outreach activities

  • Invitations to review papers

  • Media interviews

  • Requests to speak at events


📧 for professional inquiries about:

  • Game design

  • Non-academic writing

  • Editing

  • Consulting

  • Anything else


You can follow me on the following social platforms (Note that I am not always active on each of these platforms on any given day, so replies may be delayed):

​🐦 Twitter @errantcanadian

🦉 PhilPeople

📃 ResearchGate

💼 LinkedIn


📸 Instagram

🎥 Youtube



📮 You can also write a letter to me at my work address:

Dr. Trystan Goetze

Department of Philosophy, Harvard University

Emerson 303

19 Quincy Street

Cambridge, MA 02138, USA