I am a professional philosopher, writer, editor, and game designer. I currently work as a Banting Postdoctoral Fellow and Limited-Term Assistant Professor in the Philosophy Department of Dalhousie University.


My areas of research specialization are social epistemology, especially epistemic injustice, and meta-ethics, especially moral responsibility. My current research is on how we hold people accountable for intellectual mistakes. My broader research interests are in the ethics of how we think—what we believe, how we categorize, how we inquire. I maintain secondary research interests in the philosophy of higher education, feminist philosophy, and cyberethics.


At Dalhousie, I teach an ethics course for computer science majors, which is also cross-listed as a philosophy course and offered as part of the Law, Justice, and Society programme. As a Ph.D. student at the University of Sheffield, I taught classes on moral and political philosophy, metaphysics and epistemology, the history of Western philosophy, and epistemic injustice.


In my spare time, I run, play, and design tabletop roleplaying games. I have a blog connecting my interests in philosophy and games at RollWisdom.com.


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My pronouns are he/him.

My surname is pronounced /gets/.

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