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Image by Scott Graham

AI Ethics Canvas

If you're developing an artificial intelligence–enabled system or a machine learning model for your organization, it's important to consider various ethical issues. But it isn't always clear what framework to employ when doing so. To make this important task easier, I've developed a worksheet and guidebook based on Alex Osterwalder's famous Business Model Canvas.


The AI Ethics Canvas and the accompanying Guidebook will walk you and your team through the steps for thinking about the different AI ethics issues that are relevant to you. The AI Ethics Canvas is not a panacea—it isn't a magic ritual for guaranteeing ethical practice—but it will help you get off on the right track. The Guidebook provides a list of further resources.

The AI Ethics Canvas and the Guidebook are free to download, use, adapt, and redistribute, so long as you respect the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution–ShareAlike 4.0 International licence and the licences that apply independently to the included graphics. In brief, you can copy, modify, and share these documents for any purpose, so long as you: attribute Trystan S. Goetze as the creator, attribute the artists for the graphics, make a note of any changes you have made in redistributed versions, and distribute any copies or modifications under the same licence.

Please let me know if you use the AI Ethics Canvas, how you're using it, and if you have any feedback!

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