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I believe that philosophy should begin and end in the problems of everyday life. As such, it should have a public face that is accessible, interesting, and relevant to people outside of academia. Below are a few of the public philosophy events and projects that I've contributed to.

In 2023, I visited Phillips Academy, a boarding school in Andover, Massachusetts, where I spoke with students and faculty about computer ethics, the ethics of gamification, and the ethics of AI.

The school's student newspaper, The Phillipian, interviewed me and wrote an article about my visit.

Read it here:

Screenshot 2023-01-21 at 1.44.27 PM.png

In 2022, I gave an interview to Dialexicon, a philosophy podcast produced by and for youth.

Visit their website here:

In this webinar from 2021, Jeff Behrends, James Mickens and I discuss how Embedded EthiCS at Harvard teaches ethical reasoning skills to computer science students.


As part of the AI Ethics Micro-credential courses I co-designed for Athabasca University, I created a worksheet called the AI Ethics Canvas. Click the image or the button above for more information.

In 2020, I wrote an essay on the philosophy of tabletop roleplaying games, and how philosophy and game design have many similarities. The essay is available free from my storefront, where you can find games I've designed.


In 2019, I was one of 100 philosophers who responded to postcards sent to us by members of the public.

This global event was in celebration of the centenary of Irish-British philosopher Iris Murdoch. It was organized by the Women in Parenthesis project and An Post (the Irish postal service).

To read the postcard I received and my reply, follow this link:

In 2017, I contributed to a series of videos by philosophers at the University of Sheffield about the refugee crisis.

In my video, I discuss and refute a worry that the City of Sanctuary movement in the UK is undemocratic and contrary to the wishes of the public.

The video series was featured at the 2018 Migration Matters Festival in Sheffield.

You can watch all the videos in the series by clicking here.

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