I am a freelance writer and editor, with a focus on game design. Email me if you are interested in working together.


I have published several pieces for use with the 5th edition of Dungeons & Dragons.

Click the selected covers below to check them out, or click the button for the full list.



A no-prep, pick-up-and-play RPG where you play parents from our world flung into a fantastical land on a quest to rescue your lost kids.

A hack of John Harper's Lasers & Feelings, inspired by Dungeons and Daddies: Not a BDSM Podcast.

Licensed under CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0.

Click here for the simplified text version (optimized for screen readers).


You can find all my other published games on my Itch storefront. Click the button to go there, or click the images to go to the games.

Image of two ghosts, one with angry eyes and eyelashes, the other with hearts for eyes. Text at the top reads: "Hearts & Haunts". Text at the bottom reads: "A game about friendly phantoms and spooky spectres."

Hearts & Haunts is a no-prep, pick-up-and-play RPG where you play restless spirits of the dead who must either befriend or frighten away intruders in your haunting. A hack of John Harper's Lasers & Feelings I wrote after developing the concept with my partner, Kat. Licensed CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0.

What's so cool about being a cat_cover.j

What's So Cool About Being a Cat?  is a quick to set up, rules-light RPG about cats! This game is a hack of Jared Sinclair's What's So Cool About Outer Space? and was published for the "What Is So Cool About Jam" game jam.

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